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The Big Push 3k Stroller Walk

September 23rd, 2023

9 am-11:30 am

Granny White Park

Mother To Mother is hosting our first annual 3K Stroller Walk to raise funds and awareness about the importance of strollers for the families we serve. 

Jogging with Stroller

The Big Push 3K is Mother To Mother’s most inclusive and accessible fundraiser and awareness campaign for 2023. In September, The Big Push 3K will bring families together outdoors - to stretch their legs and raise funds to support low income mothers and children in Middle Tennessee. Funds raised will allow us to serve low income families by purchasing essential items to distribute throughout the community - primarily strollers, car seats, and pack 'n plays.


Strollers are among the most essential products that every parent must have for their child.

The importance of strollers cannot be stressed enough. A stroller will typically be needed right from the start until a child is able to walk a distance on their own, by about age 3 or 4. Strollers also provide a great deal of safety, flexibility, and storage for parents.

Thank you to The Big Push Sponsors!

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