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A big thank you to the employees of Globe Life for their generous support !

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Give children in need the gift of health
and wellness. 

Join Mother To Mother's mission to help families thrive by providing car seats, diapers, cribs, and other essential resources
so that under-resourced children in our community can be
safe and healthy.  

We also help support a healthier planet by accepting gently
used supplies rather than letting them go to waste. 


that Support

that Break Barriers

that Sparks Hope

that Help the Planet


A mother's love is powerful, but it can't buy health and safety.

No matter how strong their love, not all families have an equal opportunity to give their children the care they deserve. Social and financial barriers keep over 15.5 million children and their families in poverty and without access to the basic childcare necessities. Many others fall outside of government and other agency support.

Mother to Mother is here to change that, and you can help.


We believe no child should grow up without basic childcare essentials. That's why Mother to Mother connects families with the supplies and loving support they need to keep their
children healthy and safe. 


4.1 Million Diapers

donated to babies in need.


7,264 Car Seats

installed to take
newborns home safely.


8,832 Cribs

and Pack n' Plays providing
a safe place to sleep.

Make a difference when families need it most.

Meeting our donation goals means the millions of Tennessee families are able to access the crucial childcare items that fall through the cracks of government and agency support. Here's how you can help:

  1. Choose your gift.

    Make a one-time donation to directly fund supplies or give a recurring gift that supports mothers monthly.

  2. Families receive supplies.

    Mother to Mother uses your donation to purchase and distribute essentials like diapers, car seats, strollers, cribs, and more to the low-income families who need and cherish them. 

  3. Tennessee children thrive. 

    Equipped with health and safety essentials, mothers can focus on nurturing their families and all children get the chance to thrive. 

Mother To Mother is a 501(c)(3) charity incorporated in the State of Tennessee.EIN Number: 20-1028812.

Keep gently used supplies out of the landfill while providing crucial items to families in need. 

Your gently used donations means valuable and needed items stay out of the landfill and go into the hands of children and mothers helping them to live a healthy and safe lifestyle. 

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Connecting Mothers to Mothers. 

With the help of your generous donations, our agency partnerships, and our volunteers, every child has the chance to thrive.


Provide Supplies and Hope

Help put supplies like car seats, diapers, pack'n play kits, strollers, breastfeeding pumps. cribs, and other tangible essentials in the hands of the local Tennessee families who needs them most and keep them out of the landfill. 



Together with our official agency partners, we connect mothers in need with supplies and support that help them overcome economic barriers and create a better future for their family.


Thrive with

Are you a low-income Tennessee mother who needs support, or know someone who does? Mother to Mother is here to help you get the health and safety supplies your child needs. 

From tears of fear to tears of joy.

Meet the Tennessee mothers we support and why your donation is so much more than the supplies it buys.


Meet Rokesha

Mother to Mother changed my life...

“For me, I can honestly say that Mother To Mother changed my life. My baby was born with a rare liver disease and I had to quit my job to care for him and his siblings. I was at a point where I felt helpless and Mother To Mother came in with clothes, shoes, food, diapers and car seats. It is a feeling I can’t describe and will never forget. Mother To Mother gave me Hope when I needed it most.”


Meet Lisa & Jim

We weren't sure what we were going to do...

“We can’t thank Mother To Mother enough for helping us get back on our feet after I was put on bed rest and my husband lost his job. The timing was bad, and we weren’t sure what we were going to do. Mother To Mother provided us with so many of the baby essentials that we would not have been able to afford at the time: clothes, diapers and most importantly a car seat and a pack n play. Things are much better for us now, but we’ll never forget how Mother To Mother helped us through such a stressful time.”


Mother to Mother

Since 2004, Mother to Mother and our supporters have helped over 386,944 babies have a safer, healthier life.

As parents ourselves, we know that there is nothing a mother wouldn’t do to keep her child safe and healthy. But for the hundreds of thousands of low-income mothers in Tennessee, living in poverty makes accessing even the most basic care and supplies financially impossible. 

We created Mother to Mother to connect the moms who need help with moms who care so we can put life-changing childcare supplies right in the hands of the mothers who need them. Together, we can keep supporting our Tennessee community and raise a healthier generation of children and leave behind a healthier planet. 

It takes a village. 

Meet our generous supporters, sponsors, and in-kind partners.

Supporting Mothers Through Tennessee's Most Trusted Agencies

Millions of under-resourced children need our help.

We dream of a day when every child born in Tennessee has the opportunity to thrive, and every mother feels supported. Our goal is within reach, but we need your help!



To provide 1 month of diapers for each underprivileged child born in the state of Tennessee.​


To provide an infant car seat to each underprivileged child born in the state of Tennessee.


To provide a pack ‘n play to each underprivileged child born in the state of Tennessee.

Mother To Mother is a 501(c)(3) charity incorporated in the State of Tennessee.EIN Number: 20-1028812.

When we support mothers, we support our future. 

Financial barriers shouldn't stand in the way of keeping our children safe . When you donate to Mother To Mother, families are empowered to give our next generation a chance to survive, thrive, and dream. 

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