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Supporting Mothers &
Their Children for 19 Years

For a mother in need, every second counts. 

For almost two decades, Nashville-based Mother To Mother has been working to ensure children in our community have access to three basic essentials that often slip through the cracks of government subsidies and charitable support:

  • diapers

  • car seats

  • a safe place to sleep


Mother to Mother is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 with the sole mission of connecting those in a position to help financially with the case workers and healthcare professionals who see firsthand the enormous needs of struggling mothers and children.

When mothers become strapped and distressed, they often don’t have access the basic items necessary to care for a child. Getting resources in place quickly and efficiently is crucial.

By working with our agency partners such as hospitals, domestic violence centers, homeless shelters and many others, we are able to reach those in the community that are most in need.

Since our inception, we have distributed millions of diapers, car seats, clothes, cribs, strollers, products, gear, and other essential baby items to low-income children from newborn to age 10.


Through our donations & support we also provide


Did you know?

ONE child in FIVE lives in poverty.
That’s 15.5 million impoverished children in the United States.

We can make an impact.

Our Founder

Janie Busbee

Mother To Mother is a non-profit organization founded by Janie Busbee in 2004. She had a heart to connect those wanting to help newborn babies with the case workers and healthcare professionals who saw the greatest needs firsthand.

“We saw the needs that case workers and hospital nurses have when parents don’t have the basic items necessary to care for a child,” she said. “We knew there were people out there who would want to help, but maybe didn’t know how. So we created Mother To Mother to be the conduit between moms who want to help and moms who need it.”


Our Board of Directors

Rosemary VerHulst


Adele Holloway


Brande Thomas



Elizabeth Coles

Hugh Howser

Joy Dalton


Judith McCoy

Margaret Moore

Zee Pendleton


Angela Rice


Ali Ryan

Clare Lundy

Courtney Hissa

Parker Bohn


Kirbee Miller


Allyson Brennan

Coneale Bethurum

Janet Hardin

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