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Our Needs are Simple
The impact is life-changing!

Your donations help mothers and the planet!

We happily accept new and
gently used items.

We take items for ages 0-10 years old. 

Our donation process is simple.

1. Download and fill out the donation form using the button below. NOTE: If you are unable to print the form, that is okay! We will fill it out upon your arrival at the warehouse. 

2. Call or email us to schedule a drop off time at our warehouse.
Mother to Mother:  478 Allied Drive, Suites 104 & 105, Nashville, TN 37211

3. CALL: 615.540.7000 | EMAIL:

4. Bring your completed form (if you are able to print- if not, that is okay, we will fill out upon your arrival)  and items at your scheduled time. 

Below are just a few of the items we accept.
The comprehensive list can be found on the donation form. 


New & Used

  • Clothing (ages 0-10)

  • Bassinets

  • Blankets & Bedding

  • Bottles and feeding supplies

  • Cribs (no dropside)

  • Diapers

  • High Chairs

  • Infant carriers

  • Diaper cream

  • Infant tubs

  • Playpens

  • School supplies

  • Shoes and socks

  • Sleep sacks and swaddles

  • Strollers

  • Swings and bouncy seats

  • Toys

  • Safety gates and baby proofing items

  • Wipes

  • Car Seats (Used only if NOT Expired)


New Only

  • Car seats (new)

  • Hygiene products (new)

  • Baby monitors (new)

  • Breast pumps (new)


What it will take to provide for each & every underprivileged child born in the state of Tennessee.

 A pack'n play for every child.


An infant car seat for every child.


One month of diapers for every child.

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